Essential Service – COVID-19

March 25, 2020

This letter serves to confirm that the individual is an employee at 2 Fellas Moving Company in the Oklahoma City Area.  2 Fellas Moving Company employees are engaged in providing the essential service of moving and relocation services to customers as listed under Transportation Sector of the Department of Homeland Security.  Even with the most recent restrictions on work and travel outside of the home, our business remains open during the COVID-19 outbreak to provide essential services and products to our communities.

We are grateful for our employees, and their critical role in providing customers moving and relocation services during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The employee presenting this letter is part of the 2 Fellas Moving Company team that supports this effort.  Their work and our facility is essential in supporting our community and providing essential goods and services during a state of emergency.

If you require additional confirmation of employment or information, please contact:

Name:______Steve Herburger_____________________
Phone Number:________405-474-5546___

Thank you for your understanding.

2 Fellas Moving Company Oklahoma City