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Complete relocation services for homes, apartments, and condos in Oklahoma City.

From packaging and supplies to all types of rentals and services, you can count on us to make your move as trouble-free as possible.

What We Do:

  • Loading and Unloading Your Rental Truck
  • Packing or Partial-Packing Your Home or Office
  • Residential and Commercial Moves
  • We Move 7 Days a Week
  • We Provide Boxes and Packing Supplies
  • Local and Statewide Moving
Relocation Company Oklahoma City


For information on complete moves. Let us worry about the heavy lifting.

Self Storage Oklahoma City


Too much to move right away. Short and Long term storage available.

Packing and Moving Supplies


You want to do the move yourself, but need everything packed.

Load and Unload Boxes


Using your own truck and need a couple strong backs for help.

icon-truck Relocation

At 2 Fellas & A Big Vehicle Moving Company, we’ve moved people and businesses from Oklahoma City to virtually all points in the United States, as well as across the street. Moves under this category are a complete service:


We offer several different moving supply options to make your packing easier, including specialty boxes for large or fragile items. If necessary, we can make a custom box to surround your items. Moving supplies options can be found here – moving kits.


Talk about a chore. We’ve done it thousands of times and can pack everything in much less time than you. And we also know exactly how much a box should be able to hold. Sometimes, it may not be full but nothing else should be added.


We bring as many trucks as necessary and as many men as necessary to load those trucks. Again, we’ve done this thousands of times and will make the most efficient use of space.


You can drive your cars or take the airplane. We’ll drive the truck with your household possessions.


Once you’re at your new location, our experts will unload the truck, and with your guidance, place everything where you want it. We’ll even stick around and help you rearrange the furniture, if desired.

This sounds like a lot of expense, but you might be surprised. Take your time when determining the actual cost of a move you might make yourself. You’ve got enough to think about without having to worry about getting your possessions to your new home.

Let 2 Fellas & A Big Vehicle Moving Company handle your next move, whether it’s across the street, town, state or country. You won’t be disappointed.

icon-pack Packing

One of the most frustrating and time-consuming jobs for anyone performing a move is packing.

It just seems to never end. And besides that, you end up overpacking some boxes and they weigh 100 pounds or more. Remember that box of books you tried to move last time? How much time did you have to spend at the chiropractor after that?

Let our professionals pack your goods and they won’t overpack any boxes. We’re not guaranteeing some of them won’t be heavy, but they won’t be too heavy, but if we’re also going to load and unload the truck, that’s our responsibility.

icon-lock Storage

Ok, you’re moving, but your new house won’t be ready for a couple of months after you get there. We can store everything, or some things, until you’re ready for us to deliver them.

If you were to rent a self-storage unit they would expect you to sign a six-month lease at the minimum.

You can use our storage facilities for as little as one week or as long as you want. Rest assured our warehouse is fully bonded and insured and your household items are safe with us.

icon-unload Loading

Let’s say you want to go ahead and rent and drive your own truck. We’ll send a team out to load that truck for you, utilizing the space available in the most efficient manner.

Not everything in your house is a nice rectangular shape like the boxes. You have sofas, chairs, tables, lamps, mirrors, bicycles, lawn mowers…well, I think you get the idea…and they don’t always fit together well. They’re not designed to.

We’ve loaded thousands of times and do know the best way to put some of these items into the same truck. That enables you to get by with fewer trucks or loads, or even a smaller truck, saving you money and time.

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“We've used 2 Fellas to move across the country two times. They carefully pack and thoroughly label all items, making the unpacking process seamless. The moving truck always arrived on time, and the staff is friendly and respectful. I highly recommend 2 Fellas for a stress-free moving experience!”


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